Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Get to Know Make-up Artist Treisha Marcoux of GlaMarcoux

I love to feature people that are in the fashion and/or beauty industry. People that I feel have a lot of talent and you should watch out for. Today I wanted to share an interview with you I did with my dear friend Treisha Marcoux. She is an amazing make-up artist that loves to share her talents with women across the world. 

How long have you been doing makeup? About 20 years

How did you get your start? My mother use to do and sell makeup when I was young and she let me assist her. I fell in love at a very young age.

What/who inspires you? Knowledge and all my fellow makeup artists. I love learning constantly knowledge is power.

What are 3 products you cannot live without? Lip gloss, Eye luv me eyelashes and Crown Brush Brushes

What is your favorite look? I love pin up but definitely Smokey eyes.

What advice can you give aspiring makeup artists? Knowledge is power don't be afraid to show your inner artist and never give up and always push yourself to be better, remember practice makes perfect but no one is ever perfect.

If you could do any persons makeup who would it be? Scarlett Johansson she's my favorite actress.

Do you wear makeup every day? Yes but let's face it some days your face just needs to breathe.

What brand of makeup remover do you recommend? I like Neutrogena face wipes or Mary Kay a combination oily face wash it works great on my skin and I never break out.

What age should young girls start experimenting with makeup? I would say 16 even though my four-year-old loves it now.

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