Saturday, September 5, 2015

7 Reasons to get Excited for Fall

   Costume shops are promoting Halloween and Target has holiday displays up. It can only mean one thing... Fall is upon us. Well, almost anyway. While we're still trying with all our might to hang on to the last few weeks of summer I can't help but to get excited for Fall. After all it is the start of my favorite time of the year.  Not feeling the same way? Let me share with you all the reasons why I love the Autumn months and maybe you’ll start to get excited too!

Cool weather
Now me personally I enjoy the warm summer weather but there is something magical about the brisk cool air and the falling leaves of autumn. Especially in the morning! There is nothing like sitting outside drinking something hot in the cool morning air.

I wouldn’t be me if fashion were not one of the reasons I love fall. With the cool weather comes a change in clothes. It’s time to ditch the shorts, tank tops and sandals in exchange for knit sweaters, chunky scarves and knee high boots. Put all of that together with a pair of jeans and you’re still sexy even when you’re all covered up.

Fall Style

Vamp it up
Having Legendary Style is all about your own personal style and you don’t have to go with what’s on trend but when fall comes I take advantage of all the new dark makeup hues. I love all of the deep reds, burgundy and plum colors for my lips and nails. Remember a couple of years ago when Ox Blood was the new hot thing? Well not much has changed.

Fall makeup colors

Pumpkin spiced everything
I’m gonna keep it real with you… I am not a big fan of pumpkin. I can’t drink pumpkin spiced lattes all Fall but I do like to partake once in a while but I will not pass up a pumpkin pie with a huge dollop of Cool Whip. So yes I like pumpkin but in small doses. However, fall is pumpkin heaven for those of you who wait for it all year.

Fall events
No matter where you live the atmosphere changes and towns take on a whole new persona during the fall. There are cool events everywhere you turn. Who doesn’t love going to the pumpkin patch to get the best pumpkins and take a hay ride or go apple picking to make fabulous pies with fresh ingredients?!

The holidays have to be the best part of fall! Once Halloween comes you know in no time it will be Thanksgiving and you’ll be surrounded by loved ones or off traveling because you’ve got time off from work/school.

My birthday
This last reason is obviously a personal one but who wouldn’t be happy about their birthday?!?! I always feel so renewed and full of energy when my birthday comes and I always set new goals for myself.

   So there ya go, my 7 reasons I love fall. So stock up on cute clothes and live it up at a pumpkin patch on a hay ride while drinking your pumpkin spiced latte in a sexy dark lip color and have fun this fall! After you’re done enjoying summer that is!

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