Monday, September 14, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Makeup Artists on Snapchat

   There are certain social media platforms that I really love and can’t go one day without checking (heeeeey Instagram!) then there are some that I absolutely try to avoid at all costs. Yup that’s right Facebook you’re the bane of my social media existence. Instagram has always been my go to for fashion, makeup and good ol’ inspiration but now, now I’m completely obsessed with Snap Chat.

   I love watching videos and seeing people in their element. Don’t get me wrong I still binge watch YouTube makeup tutorials like it’s Netflix but Snap Chat is raw, unedited and instant! While some people are hit and miss there are certain people that I find so damn interesting I have to watch! So here are my 10 favorite Beauty Gurus and Makeup artists to follow on Snap Chat.

Desi is an amazing makeup artist with a hot YouTube channel. She recently announced she will be starting a 2nd channel just for vlogging. Her Snapchat already gives us a taste of what we’ll be in for. On Snapchat expect to see behind the scenes of her and Katy’s videos and time at the studio taping.

I follow Katy because she’s not only talented in the makeup department but she is absolutely hilarious! Her Justin Beiber impressions will leave you LOL. I also feel like Katy and Desi are a match made in makeup heaven. They’re together quite often but you get to see each view point from both perspectives.

It’s safe to say we all love Jaclyn’s YouTube channel but her Snapchat gives us a glimpse into her everyday life which makes her seem more like a real person and not this beauty guru goddess.

Amra is known for her exotic look and crazy makeup skills but no one and I do mean no one can touch her in the highlight department.  I’m pretty sure this girl’s cheekbones can be seen from outer space. She isn’t on YouTube but her Snapchat is the next best thing when it comes to learning her techniques.  

Shayla is not just inspirational to watch for makeup tips and tricks she’s also a beast in the gym. She makes sure to use Snapchat as a way to keep us up to date on her workout routine and how she stays in shape. Not sure how to pose for your selfies? Shayla has got you there too! Just don’t forget to use #ShaylaTaughtMe.

I’ve only recently became a fan of Huda. I just want to know why I didn’t know about her sooner! She is absolutely gorgeous (even without makeup on). I love to see her behind the scenes and her life at her Huda Beauty HQ.


Kandee is like a ray of sunshine sprinkled with glitter. She is such a sweet and positive person and that’s what makes her Snapchat so nice to watch. The part I really enjoy is when she does her before and after makeup pics. I love seeing the transformation.

I can’t go a day without watching Tamanna. The fabulous thing about her Snapchat is that she takes us to work with her. We get to see the process of her getting beautiful brides ready for their special day!

Tyme is a big deal in the makeup world and her recent move to Las Vegas puts her right where she needs to be. Vegas is big and bright just like our girl Tyme. I love to see what she’s up to when she isn’t making tutorials and she doesn’t disappoint. I just love her lavish lifestyle of designer shoes and gorgeous outfits.

Jackie has been in the makeup game for a long time. I remember watching her when she was in the military and stationed over seas. Her makeup game is strong but she’s fun to watch because she is absolutely hysterical. I just love when a makeup girl with a good sense of humor.

There ya have it, my Top 10 Favorite Makeup Artists on Snapchat. If there is anyone you think I should be following that I didn't mention leave me a comment below and be sure to add me on snap chat as well @MyLegendaryStyl


  1. Makes me wish I used Snap Chat their makeup looks amazing. I could never get my brows to look that good. lol

  2. I love and watch quite a few of these gorgeous ladies! Their makeup game is just ridiculous.


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