Sunday, September 6, 2015

What's in my Travel Bag with U by Kotex #BringComfyBack

   This summer I really took advantage of the beautiful state that I live in. Florida is an amazing place to live full of beautiful locations perfect for a “staycation”. The beaches close to us are nice but sometimes to get to the best beaches requires a road trip. Road trips can be a ton of fun but we all know long car rides can get uncomfortable after a while and discomfort leads to being irritated and no one wants that. That’s why I make sure to pack my travel bag full of things I need to keep me comfy and happy. With this list I hope to help you #BringComfyBack!

  You always want your breath to be as fresh as possible. I use dental floss and floss picks to keep my teeth clean while eating on the road as well as a pack of breath strips to keep my mouth feeling fresh.

  Not everyone likes a full face of makeup while traveling but you still want to take care of your skin and lips. Moisturizer/lotion and Chap Stick are absolute lifesavers to avoid dry skin and cracked lips.

  Also on the list are a couple of things you may have never thought of and that’s your fav pair of comfy panties and panty liners from Uby Kotex. Sitting for long periods of time in the wrong panties can cause a lot of problems you don’t need and discomfort is just one of them. I love panty liners because they can save me from embarrassing accidents because lets face it Mother Nature doesn’t always show up at the best moments and I don’t like those kind of surprises. U by Kotex panty liners are not only thin and comfortable but they also stay in place.

  I love to feel fresh and clean so I never leave the house for long periods of time without my favorite deodorant and perfume. A few spritzes here and there after cleaning up at a hotel or rest stop can make you feel like a new person. 

  I had to learn the hard way to always have a nail file on hand at all times. My natural nails tend to chip or break and the feeling really irritates me. You can get a pack of 10 for close to nothing at the drug store.

  Extra hair ties and bobby pins are going to make your life so much easier when it starts to get hot and your hair is in your face or on your back causing a ton of problems.

  The latest issue of your favorite magazine may not help your comfort level but it will help with boredom. Grab a few glossies and toss them in your bag for the long ride.

  Next time you go on a trip of any kind be sure to plan ahead and make a list so you can check it off as you pack. Also, be sure to head on over to U by Kotex and enter to win their #BringComfyBack contest where you have the opportunity to win some pretty cool monthly prizes!

Let me know what you can't leave the house without when you take a road trip.

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