Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday My Legendary Style

   As you can see by the title this here blog My Legendary Style has turned 3 years old!! I can't believe I've been blogging for 3 whole years now. I absolutely love what I do but I will be honest, blogging has had it's ups and downs but more ups than anything. I've met a lot of people that went from being cyber friends to real friends that I truly adore. They're there for those days that things aren't going that well and they're there to cheer me on on the good days. I love my blogging community because they understand me like no one else. To so many people blogging is no big deal. Some people aren't even sure what a blogger does. In the beginning I may have been one of those people but over the past 3 years I've learned and grown. 

To me blogging is about so much more than just words and pictures on a screen. It's a creative outlet for me. It's a place that I can call my own and no one can tell me how to do things. I can express myself and be free to just be me. For those of you that are new readers welcome and to those of you that have been around for a while... Thank you!!!

Samantha Jade

P.S. You can see the full makeup tutorial for this look right now on my YouTube channel and find out about the upcoming giveaway!


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