Monday, October 26, 2015

What I Love Most About Adele's New Video Hello

   A calm fell over the world a few days ago. Unless you live under a rock you felt it too. That feeling was caused by no one else but Adele. It's been three years and she's back and has everyone singing "Hello". The video itself is nothing short of emotional. The words to the song are much like Adele's other hits, they are relatable and resonate within our souls but what has me so fascinated is how beautiful she looks as she sings and cries her way through the entire video. 

Adele's contour itself is magnificent, bold and life changing! 

                  Here it is from another angle. Bravo to her makeup artist!

   She's always got a killer winged liner but this whole look is soft and beautiful. It doesn't even matter what the original colors are that were used. This look is so pretty and classic the sepia tones used in the video only make the makeup that much more impressive. 

   I'll admit I'm here for the song and Adele's look but a song/video about heartbreak is not complete without some sexy ass eye candy. Hey Tristan Wilds, I see you boo!

   What is your favorite part of Adele's new Video "Hello"? Leave me a comment below. If you haven't seen it yet here ya go...

You're welcome!

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