Friday, January 29, 2016

How I Bleached and Dyed My Natural Hair Using Ion Color Brilliance Brights

   I did my first review on Ion Color Brilliance Brights a couple of years ago. When I dyed my daughter's hair. If you keep up with me at all on Instagram and Snap Chat (MyLegendaryStyl) You would have seen that I made some pretty cool changes to my hair. I wasn't sure how out there I wanted to go so I parted my hair in 2 places and in one section I went hot pink. 

   In the other section I went blue. The reason for doing this is depending on where I part my hair it's either pink, Blue or my natural color black. When I first reviewed Ion Color Brilliance Brights it wasn't on bleached hair. I wanted the color as vibrant as possible so I bleached my hair and went for it! Because my hair is so dark black I had to use a 40 developer. 

   Unfortunately since colors in the red/pink family fade quickly the bright pink didn't last long. Instead it faded to a not so pretty baby pink color. The blue however hung in there like a rockstar! So I decided to cover the pink with blue. The thing about applying bleach is it didn't lift the color evenly so when I applied the color I ended up with different shades of blue. I also have a little bit of green because I didn't use a toner so the bleach in some spots turned my hair a yellowish color and we all know what you get when you mix yellow and blue. Anyway, it came out better than I could have expected. 

I actually like the mix of colors. I think it looks awesome depending on how I style my hair. 

I wanted to show you what the color swatches looked like in the store. So I took pictures of the display in Sally's. 

   If you'd like to see a more in-depth look at how I got my hair these colors there is a video on my YouTube channel. You can also watch it below. 

   It's been almost three months since I first bleached and dyed my hair and the blue still has not faded. I   don't know how long I'll leave my hair like this or if I'll try out another color but I do know that any color I go to next will be with Ion Color Brilliance Brights. 

Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color? What color would it be?

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