Monday, February 15, 2016

7 Things Every Girl Should Do Alone At Least Once

   It’s fun doing things with friends. The last thing anyone wants is to be alone but sometimes it can be good for you to experience things by yourself. I used to be worried about how it would look to other people if I was out by myself doing things that a couple or a group should be doing. Until one day I had no one to do anything with and decided I would find out what it was like to enjoy my own company. It was scary at first and I felt like all eyes were on the “lonely girl with no friends” but once I got comfortable with the idea I realized everyone was too busy enjoying themselves to be worried about little ol’ me. That was years ago, now I actually enjoy that me time. The funny thing is, when I’m out alone I meet more people. It’s easier to approach someone that’s by themself than in a group. Next time you’re thinking of calling a friend to do something try going solo instead and see what happens. Here are some things you can do alone to help you get started.

Go see a movie
If it’s your first time going out alone I recommend you start with this one. You’ll be less likely to be embarrassed in the dark theatre. Pick a movie you’ve wanted to see, sit where you want and have fun not having to share your popcorn and Twizzlers.

Have a spa day
This is another way to ease into your newfound relationship with yourself. The spa is fun for a girls’ day but can be amazing when it’s just you. Go for a just a mani/pedi or make a day of it and pamper yourself with a facial and massage.

Treat yourself to dinner
I know you’re probably thinking this would look lonely and pathetic but believe me it’s not. Go to a nice restaurant and sit at the bar. You’ll hear some pretty interesting conversations and it’s the best spot to people watch.

Go to the beach or park
I could live at the beach. All I need is a stack of books, my laptop and phone. If you don’t have a beach near you then spend the day at the park. Both places are pretty relaxing but they’re also good spots to get some work done interruption free.

Shop till you drop
Shop for what ever you want. I’ve literally spent hours in a bookstore by myself. I love not being rushed because I’m with someone that doesn’t enjoy reading as much as I do. If clothes are your vice then take your time trying on as many things as you’d like.

Explore your city
Take a weekend to explore and act like you’re visiting in your own town. I’ve lived in several states with tourist’s attractions that I’ve never been to. It’s easy to live some place amazing but never take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Take a vacation
This one is not for the faint of heart. This is going to require you to have some major balls. I don’t recommend going to Las Vegas that can be dangerous to venture off to alone. Go somewhere that offers fun and relaxation. Do a little shopping, meet the locals, hell relax on the beach and get some work done.

   What ever you decide to do have fun and enjoy your me time. Then when you meet up with your friends you’ll have plenty of stories to tell.

Photo credit: Daniele Zedda via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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