Monday, February 1, 2016

Staying Warm & Stylish: Winter Style Essentials

   It takes a special kind of fashion sense to remain stylish in the winter. Most people's main focus is how to keep warm. While we're bundled up in coats and several layers of clothing it is possible to still look good. As a matter of fact, I love the cold! It's a completely different style of dressing and I'm up for the challenge. I'm going to help you look good and stay warm with these winter essentials. 

   First off I love a good pair of boots. I picked out three super stylish pair to match any one's personal style from casual to dressy to oh so sexy I've got you covered! 

Boots for winter

   I feel like scarves are an overlooked accessory. It doesn't even have to be winter to rock a really nice scarf. I chose three that are cute and sophisticated. 

Winter scarves

   Hats. Hats are not for everyone but they are a great accessory and will be your best friend on a winters day. If you like to be playful when it comes to picking out your clothes then you can totally pull off a slouchy beanie. If you take your style much more seriously then go with a big floppy hat. 

Winter hats

   Ahhh yes, coats and jackets. The number one winter essential you need. Jackets these days are so much more than something to keep you warm and dry. They have become huge fashion statements and I've chosen three of my favorite styles below. Whether you're sweet or edgy there's a coat for everyone.

Winter coats

   Last but not least are gloves. If you're like me you do not like to have cold fingers. I mean come on once they reach a certain level of freezing your fingers can really start to hurt. To avoid all that grab a beautiful pair of gloves before you head out into the cold. 

Stay warm

   Winter fashion does not have to be boring. While you're out there trying to stay warm don't forget you don't have to sacrifice your style. 

What are your winter style essentials?

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