Monday, March 14, 2016

6 Reasons to Look Good for Yourself

   Married, single or dating women should always take the time to look good for themselves and only them. There is nothing wrong with dressing up or working out to look good for the opposite sex but it is much more rewarding to do it for no one other than ourselves. No one is going to appreciate us as much as we appreciate ourselves.

    For people who know me, it’s no secret I love to look good as much as possible. Most of the time I’ve got my hair, nails and makeup done and a cute outfit on. 90% of the time I’m ready for anything and to go anywhere. Do I get dolled up for my husband or anyone else in particular? Once in a while but mostly I do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, with kids and other responsibilities It’s not always easy to muster up the energy to apply make up and put on something other than sweats and a t-shirt but I go through the trouble because I feel like I’m worth it.

    The following are reasons I bust my ass working out and get all done up and think you should too.

    Boost your self-esteem: There is something each and every one of us has that we wish we could improve. If you feel bad about the way you look work your ass off to fix it. I guarantee after you put in the hard work and start to see results you’re going to feel so damn good about yourself you won’t care what anyone else thinks. If you don’t like that extra fluff around your mid section, workout. Don’t like your hair color? Dye it. Create the person you want to be and fall in love with yourself. Pretty soon you’ll be giving yourself a double take whenever you pass a mirror.

    Improve your mood: There are days I wake up in a shitty mood. While I may not always be able to change the things around me I can try to change my attitude. Some days all it takes is some red lipstick and a new outfit to give me a major attitude adjustment. I love being comfortable as much as the next person but sometimes sitting around in sweats and a t-shirt for too long makes me feel frumpy and starts to affect my mood. I really do believe how we look can some times impact our mood just as much as our surroundings.

    Treat you how you want to be treated: Sometimes we women wait for our significant others to do something nice for us to show their appreciation for the badass women that we are but why wait for them to shower us with gift cards to the spa or hair salon? What’s wrong with pampering ourselves to show how much we appreciate us? I personally find it to be much more fulfilling when it’s a gift to myself. I appreciate myself and the woman I have come to be and I need to show it.

    Shop for clothes you like: Betsey Johnson said it best “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.” This is so true. Most men don’t really care nor do they pay attention to how women dress. They would prefer it if we were always naked. So when you’re out shopping for new clothes shop with what you like in mind. Can I be completely honest here? In the past I’ve purchased a dress purely off of how I thought a particular guy would like it and the dress was so damn uncomfortable and short I spent the whole night pulling it down! Never again will I buy something for any reason other than if I like it.  

    Shows self love: I know all this talk about self-love is everywhere you look but I’m a firm believer in it. Let’s face it one of the main ways to reflect self love is to take care of you. Wake up and take time out of your day to show you actually give a damn about yourself without worrying about what other people will think. Show the world and yourself that you’re worth the extra time it takes to look and feel amazing.

    Opens doors/opportunities: You don’t know what fabulous things are in store for you once you step out of your house each day. When you take the time to care for yourself you will radiate so much self-assurance you’ll experience things you never have before. You never know who you may run into and is impressed with how you look and carry yourself. The doors you can open and opportunities you may come across are endless and it all starts with a little self-TLC. Whether we care to admit it or not looks can be everything. Especially when people go off of first impressions.

    The bottom line is there is only one you, dress up and show yourself that you are somebody and then show the world. It’s definitely alright to get dolled up for the opposite sex but don’t let the attention of others be the only reason you treat yourself to a new outfit, do your makeup or try a new hair style. When you care for yourself you’re going to radiate so much confidence you will end up attracting people to you anyway.


  1. I always feel better for when I get ready for the day! I know it puts me in a better frame of mind.

    1. Getting ready does the same thing for me. I just feel so much better than when I don't.

  2. These are all great points! Thanks so much for linking up with us at the Best of the Blogosphere! We'd love to have you back for another link up!


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