Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My 7 Favorite Male Makeup Gurus

Every day on Instagram and YouTube I'm seeing more and more boys rocking a red lip and smokey eye and it's not all drag makeup. Yes, the boys are wearing makeup and looking pretty damn good. I'm so impressed with these guys I wanted to shine the spotlight on my 7 favorite male makeup gurus!

    Up first in no particular order is MannyMua. I love his YouTube channel where he shares his love for makeup. But don't let the cute face fool you he's not taking anyone's shit and he lets you know with every intro to his videos... "If you don't this video or you don't like me then don't effin watch." Manny has made such an impact in the beauty world he just launched a new limited edition palette in collaboration with Makeup Geek!

Next on my list is PatrickStarrr and it's only fitting because he is Manny's best friend. I love the dynamic these 2 have together but Patrick totally holds his own. Patrick is pretty awesome to watch on YouTube but his SnapChat is where the magic happens. I can't get enough of his behind the scenes antics where you can catch his doing his makeup or giving OOTD tips and tricks. Patrick recently had a collab with Formula X which can be found in Sephora.

Is it just me or is Alex Faction absolutely gorgeous?! Alex not only does beauty looks on his channel but he do some of the most amazing costume make up everrr! While you're binge watching all of his makeup videos on YouTube be sure to catch his "Alchy Hauls" you won't regret it!

I've watched Wayne Goss for longer than I can remember. He does makeup tutorials on himself as well as friends. My favorite thing about Wayne is the way he teaches. His beautiful accent may have something to do with it too but the man knows what he's talking about.

I found Gabriel Zamora on PatrickStarrr's SnapChat (I told you that's where it's at) and his gorgeous eyes and blue hair immediately pulled me in! I'm so glad he has a youTube channel because his seemingly flawless skin was making me very envious!

Can I just say that I wish Jeffree Star was my friend IRL?! He just seems like so much damn fun! I could just sit and let him do my makeup every day!!! Not only is the bomb at makeup application but his liquid lipsticks are so amazing I guarantee your favorite colors are always sold out! His is one of my top favorite YouTube channels.

A photo posted by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on

There are a lot of drag queens out there that I absolutely LOVE but Miss Fame made this list because HAVE YOU SEEN HER BEAT FACE?!?! Born Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen he made a name for himself as Miss Fame on Rupaul's Drag Race season 7 and does makeup like no other! On Kurtis' YouTube channel he has a series called "Painted by Fame" where he turns his friends into drag queens and it is seriously magical!


  1. Great list! I love watching Manny and always get such a good laugh from his channel:)

  2. I am now going to stalk all these people on instagram! (and snapchat!)


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