Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7 Ways to Get Out of A Funk

   We’ve all been there. We’re in a rut feeling sorry for ourselves for no particular reason at all. Or maybe there really is a reason behind that bad mood. Maybe you lost your job or didn’t get the job you wanted. Your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you or a friend has betrayed you. It’s even possible that you’re in a funk because you’re not exactly where you want to be in life. It’s ok to go through it. Believe me, it’s completely natural you just can’t stay there for long because it can become bad for you. That’s why it’s called “going through something” because you eventually get through it whether you believe it or not.

 Here are 7 ways to get out of a funk.

 Try something new
Do something that you’ve never done before and it will make you feel alive. Take up an art class; try kickboxing or anything you’ve ever just been afraid to do. Live a little and watch how fast you’re can mood change.  

 Go see a new place
Visiting a new place has a way of making us feel renewed. Go to a new state, city or country. Hell even a part of your town you’ve never been to. See how other people live and what other places have to offer. Don’t forget to take pictures and get a few souvenirs to remember your trip.

It’s a proven fact that exercise can improve your mood and make you happier. So get up and get moving. You can go for a walk, the gym or just dance in your room. You’ll be back to feeling good in no time.

 List your goals
Write your goals down or make a vision board and hang it where you’re going to see it every day, a few times a day. Having your goals in front of you will keep you too focused to be in a bad mood.

 Call a friend
Sometimes it just takes a good old-fashioned phone call with a friend. Being able to tweet, email, text and IM we’re missing out on actual human interaction. Call one of your friends and chat for hours. The laughter will make you feel a whole lot better.

 Get dressed up
It’s almost impossible to stay down in the dumps once you get all dolled up. Once you look good you’ll feel good too. My favorite go to look is winged liner, long lashes and red lipstick. Throw on a nice outfit and let your inner badass free. She’ll appreciate you for it.

 Buy yourself something nice
Retail therapy can be a real thing if you want it to be. Just don’t go on a crazy shopping spree until your bills are paid. You still need a roof over your head once you’re back feeling like your normal self again.

 So go ahead, spend some me time in bed bingeing on Netflix and ice cream in your sweats and holey t-shirt but don’t let it last for more than a couple of days. You owe it to yourself to get out of that funk and don’t let life get you down.


  1. All awesome tips!! Calling my friends and working out usually works for me when I am in a funk!

    1. Thanks! Friends and exercise help a lot! We all need good friends and a six pack lol

  2. Great ideas & tips. For me I love escaping to the outdoors, like the beach!


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