Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lil Kim's Transformation & Why We Need to Talk About It

   If you grew up in the 90’s or just love hip hop, then you know who Lil Kim is. She’s one of the first female emcees I looked up to. Her lyrics were raunchy and her clothes left nothing to the imagination. The original Queen B. In high school I rocked purple contacts. Kim had purple contacts so why shouldn’t I?! I envied her confidence. She had swag before it was even a thing. Songs about sex and not taking shit from anyone especially a man had all us girls hanging on her every word. Lil Kim was 90’s hip hop.

   This week pictures of a fair skinned blonde chick popped up on Lil Kim’s Instagram and a lot of us confused fans let out a collective “WTF?!” We weren’t really sure who we were looking at… it was Kim.

   I personally couldn’t figure out why the drastic change. Until I read a snippet of an interview she did.
   Now if I’m reading this correctly… she changed her appearance because of how men viewed her. The woman I thought was the end all be all of sexiness albeit sometimes she crossed the line to a place I wouldn’t necessarily go she was what I saw as confident in her own skin. It’s one thing to buy a certain outfit to get a guy’s attention but to go and get a whole new persona is a bit much.

   When are we going to learn that what we say and how we treat people have a lasting effect?! Your words stay with a person long after you’re gone. This is proof of that. If only we as people built each other up instead of tearing each other down no one would ever have to feel inadequate and try to become something they’re not. I say each other because women aren’t the only ones with self-esteem issues. Men suffer from it too. It’s just not talked about as much.

   Lil Kim may not have been a supermodel but she was pretty, sassy and sexy. Is she all those things now? I think she’s still pretty she just doesn’t look like herself but after all that’s what she was going for.

   The real question is does she love herself now? Now that she fits the description of what a man/men wanted?

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