Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Motivation: The Word of the day is Hustle

   I’m on the east coast so it’s kind of late in the evening to be writing a Monday Motivation. It’s well after 8pm. I’m doing it anyway. Why? 1. It’s still Monday and 2. It’s still early in the week and we could all use some encouragement to get us through to the glorious weekend. Especially if you’ve had a rough start like I have.

   Ok so here it goes. We all probably have a lot going on. We’ve got dreams we want brought to life, goals we want to accomplish and people we want to prove wrong. So how are we going to do that when life keeps chucking these damn lemons at us?! How are we supposed to be happy and carefree if we can’t seem to catch a freaking break?! One word… HUSTLE. Hustle and hustle hard. Hustle your pretty little ass off because that’s the only way we’re going to survive! While we’re hustling dodge the damn lemons or better yet catch them and make a bomb margarita out of them! When you’re done with that don’t try to catch a break. Start making opportunities for yourself so you don’t have to rely on other people.

   There have been plenty of days in my life when I felt down. I felt like I was in a hole and couldn’t climb out of it. After a while I realized I dug the whole all by myself and then threw myself in. That’s right I did it to myself and you may be doing the same thing. Yeah I know some people can be assholes and they probably helped do some shoveling but only because we let them.

   This week make a plan for yourself. Set some goals and work towards achieving at least one thing on your list. Your goal might be to get a promotion. Do something to show your boss you deserve that promotion because you are worthy! Maybe you want to start your own business. Make a business plan. Lay it all out so you know what you’re working towards. I promise after you start your hustle and checking things off your list you will feel amazing. One of the best feelings in my life is feeling accomplished.
How I start every morning!
   Monday may not have been the best day for me and I’m sure a ton of other people but we still have a lot of week left to turn things around in our favor. So get out there and hustle.

In the words of Mary Jane Watson… Go get em Tiger.

BTW That awesome cup was made by my friend Alyssa. You can get your own over at her Etsy store. Use code Legendary Style to get 15% off!


  1. I seriously love that you made a cup with your saying! Love it!!

    1. Thanks Alyssa! I ordered it from Alyssa's Etsy shop.

  2. I love this post so much!I feel like we have a lot in common from reading this post! I am constantly working to make my dreams happen, because I am not going to just sit around and wait for it to happen! No matter what people say and if they don't like it I am completely dedicated to it!

    1. That's awesome Liz! Thank you for reading and commenting. Good luck with everything you're working on. Keep me posted on how it all goes.


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