Monday, June 6, 2016

Motivation Monday: Life Happens

   I haven’t blogged in a while. I miss it. I could make a ton of excuses why my poor little blog has been neglected for the past few weeks but truth be told the only excuse is this… Life happens. Why are people so afraid to say that? I mean we’re all people right?! We live imperfect lives that at times are out of our control. Me personally, I’m a control freak and when I don’t have control over events in my own life it drives me effing crazy!
   I love social media because I love seeing other people and how they live, what they’re wearing etc. But at the same time I absolutely hate social media because just about everyone lives a perfect life. But in reality it’s just perfectly curated. Not everyone understands that and it can lead to people not feeling good about their own lives.

   I have met a fortunate few who do seem to have all their shit together and they’ve got the nice big house, white picket fence, dog and 2 ½ kids but it’s rare and even thou they’ve got all that I Know their lives aren’t perfect. Is anything really perfect?

   I think that’s the beautiful thing about life. Nothing is perfect. We never know what’s around the next corner and we don’t have control over everything. We just wake up each day and hope something amazing is going to happen to us. When the bad things happen we just have to roll with it and be ready for the next blessing. Isn’t that how it works? For every bad thing that happens 2 good things happen?

   No matter how things are going in your life don’t forget to see the beauty in it. If you focus on the bad you’re going to constantly feel miserable. You have to push through the bad times and learn from them. If it’s something that’s out of your control then focus on what you can control.

   Just remember everyone has rough days, weeks and months. No matter how perfect their Instagram looks. No matter how great their life appears on Facebook they’ve got shit going on too. They just choose not to share their bullshit with the rest of the world and that’s ok too.

Photo credit: dollen via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

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