Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner Review

   Fun fact about me… I love eyeliner! It took me a while to master the whole winged liner thing but since I have, I don’t leave the house without my wings. I don’t care how long it takes me to get them even.

   I have grown accustom to gel liners. A good one will dry fast and stay put all day! I think I’ve found my dream liner and it’s from Tarte!

   It’s the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner! I got 2 of them in my Christmas stocking in the colors black and bronze along with an angled liner brush. I wanted to try them out for a little while before I gave my full opinion now here it is.

   They glide on really smooth. You know how sometimes you try to apply your liner and it either skips or the line looks a little jagged? I get a great application each and every time. Even the brush is perfect. I really like the size of the brush and I also noticed the product doesn’t make the bristles hard if I don’t clean it after each use. 

   The liner is also pretty pigmented and dries down matte so it doesn’t have that shine too it like some liners do. The best part of the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner is once I do my makeup which is usually 6am my liner stays put until I take it off each night.

   I haven’t used too many products from Tarte but so far everything I have used is pretty amazing. 

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