Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Relationships & Dating: Why Women Should Date Like A Man

   If there is one piece of advice I’ve taken seriously from Sex and the City it is to date like a man. Samantha Jones gave this golden nugget of advice and I couldn’t agree more. Often women and dating are part of an age-old double standard. Society and the way women are viewed play a big part in this. Dating like a man just means dating several people at once. It seems men can date as many women as they want at any given time and their revered by their friends. If a woman does it then she’s looked down upon and called names but you know what I say? Do it! Date and date a lot. How the hell else are you going to find the ever so coveted Mr. Right.  

   I don’t mean go out and have sex with every guy you meet but date a few guys you may be interested in and weed out the bad ones. Why waste your time on one guy when he may not be worth your time and effort. You wouldn’t keep only one pair of shoes in your closet in hopes that it will work out so why would you only keep one guy on hand.

   There are just a few rules you should follow if you’re going to do this. If you’re going to date like a man then do it the right way. Let each guy know that you are not dating him exclusively. That way each party understands that it’s not serious so no one gets their feelings hurt. This goes for you too. You can’t expect to date several guys at once and think you’re their only one. After all they’ve got to find Ms. Right too.

   Definitely set ground rules with each guy. You don’t want them getting too comfortable to the point they think they can just pop up at your house with no notice. That’s when things get extremely messy and ladies we don’t do messy.

   Once you feel that one of the men you’re dating has more potential than the others then let the other ones go and become exclusive with that one and that one only and see where it goes.

   There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing the field. Do not let society dictate how you live your life. The ones with the most to say are the friends that have already settled down happily married with kids. What may have worked for them may not work for you. I know women that have been married for years to their high school sweethearts but I didn’t have such luck. I met my husband by dating like a man. My husband stood out from the others and I saw his potential. Was I the only person he was seeing back then? Nope I sure wasn’t but when we decided there could be a future we became exclusive and the rest is as they say history.

   So give it a try. Date like a guy and see where it takes you. You may not find Mr. Right at first but at least you’ll have fun in the process.

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