Spilling The Tea on Laser Hair Removal

Disclaimer: I received these services free of charge at my job. This is to inform you about laser hair removal not promote my place of employment so I do not mention the company.

   We all hate shaving day.  We spend so much time in the shower the hot water runs out right along with our patience. We do all that work just to end up with awful razor burn and those painful ingrown hairs. 

   I've tried waxing but I'm not crazy about that period of time I have to let the hair grow out and I'm sorry but looking like a wild animal just isn't sexy to me. 

   Laser hair removal is hands down the best thing I could have done for myself. 
We’re all friends here so I can tell you I’ve done my bikini and lower legs. I won’t say how much of my bikini I’ve done because well some things should be left to the imagination.  I get so many questions IRL I figured I’d tell everyone about my experiences. After all this wouldn’t be a beauty/lifestyle blog if I didn’t.

                                                                    How It Works

   Let me break it down for you. The laser seeks out the hair generating follicles beneath the skin. It then destroys the follicles so the hair can never grow back. This isn’t a one and done type thing. It takes several treatments (one every couple of months) before it can be permanent so you better have patience.

                                                                   Who It’s For

   One common misconception about laser hair removal is it’s not meant for women (or men) of color. Well I'm a nice deep skin tone and let me tell you... It works.
   At one point in time people of color were not good candidates but with technology it's totally possible now. Any good provider will have 2 lasers, one for my fair skin dolls and another for my darker babes.

The sad news is... Anyone with light colored hair is not a good candidate.
The laser is attracted to pigment. So, if your hair is light in color i.e. red, blonde, gray or white then it won't work. 

                                                                  How It Feels

   Comfort level... I'll keep it real with you. Some people I’ve talked to have not been able to complete their treatments because of the pain. However, I haven't had any issues with the pain. That just goes to show everyone is different. 

   Some people say the laser feels like you’re being snapped with a rubber band repeatedly. Others compare it to tapping yourself with a flat iron. We all know what that feels like!

   In my opinion, I would say it's less painful than that rubber band snap.

                                                              After Treatment

   You’ll be so smooth it will be like you never had hair to begin with. Before I started laser hair removal I honestly never realized how much time I spent in the shower shaving. I’d be in there for at least an hour. Now my under arms take 5 minutes and I’m done. I can just pick up and go to the beach now and not have to worry about shaving my legs or bikini line I can just go! As for the razor burn… that’s been gone ever since my first treatment.

                                                               Over All

   I do recommend laser hair removal. However, like all things you should do your research and be careful who you choose to perform the service. A lot of companies will charge you a ton of money for their version of laser hair removal but it won’t be permanent. There are services that will stunt the hair growth but not stop it permanently like laser hair removal and you’ll end up going back for year. Believe me I’ve seen it happen.

   If you have any questions leave them below in the comments. If you’ve had laser hair removal done let me know what your experience was like.

     A really great site to check out is realself.com you can read reviews on all kinds of cosmetic procedures as well as find provider reviews and see before & after pics. 

Photo credit: Raju Jasai Photography via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND


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