Friday, April 28, 2017

Makeup Minute: Tarte Magic Wand Brushes

    I purchase new makeup all the time. More often than I care to admit. However, I usually forget to share it with you guys which is a major fail on my part because after all this is partially a beauty blog.

   I want to start a new feature called “Makeup Minute”.  It’s a working title but I want to show you what’s new or just new to me. Occasionally I’ll add a quick little review if I’ve already been using the product.

   This Makeup Minute is about the new Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Magic Wands brush set. While they look more like colorful unicorn horns (there’s even unicorns on the wrapping paper) they are by far the prettiest brushes I have ever seen. They’re as soft as they are pretty!!

   They cost $39 and when I went back to the Sephora web site they were not only sold out but taken down completely. I’ll update you when/if they come back into stock.
I like this brush set so much I keep them on display, I refuse to use them! And ruin all that pretty? I think not!

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