Friday, May 12, 2017

Hollywood's Reigning Best Actress Is A Perfect Beauty Role Model

   If you tend to be a close follower of Hollywood celebrities there's a good chance you tuned in for the Academy Awards back in February. It’s always a great time for the stars to strut their best stuff, and while the following day always brings about a bunch of “best and worst looks” articles, I'm here to focus on the positives!

   La La Land star Emma Stone played a big role on the red carpet and at the show itself. The story behind her winning look is one that any self-respecting fashionista ought to enjoy hearing. Attending the show as a representative of La La Land, Stone was careful to embrace classic designs and beauty tricks. She reportedly wore one of the last Givenchy gowns designed by the legendary Riccardo Tisci, and worked with her beauty team to adopt a sort of “old Hollywood” glamour, circa 1930. The result was lovely from top to bottom—and it needed to be!

   Stone wasn’t just attached to the 2017 Oscars because La La Land was in the running for Best Picture. The young actress was the favorite for Best Actress, which may speak to why she put such care into developing the perfect look. As movie fans and celebrity watchers are probably aware, she took home the top prize and looked great when she accepted the award.

   But while Stone was the Hollywood icon for one night, her short history as a celebrity has revealed a balanced and healthy approach to beauty. Comments in the last few years have shown her to be part of a trend of young stars embracing the beauty tips and tricks available to celebrities without getting twisted ideas about body image or self-love. You can’t help but think it makes her an ideal role model for young women that want to be secure and strive for traditional beauty at the same time.

   Long before she was Hollywood’s Best Actress, Stone talked about image and what it means to her when people are critical of each other’s weight and beauty. She seems to have reached a place where she recognizes that most criticism is projection, and that those calling out others for being overweight, underweight, or whatever are usually revealing their own insecurities.

   This is how Stone rose above body image-related criticism. She even admitted that it’s helped her to try to eliminate gossip from her own tendencies. Her take is not the traditional celebrity “everybody is beautiful” take that can come across as kind of pretentious. Stone seems like she has a healthy understanding of where criticism comes from and how to make the most of it.

   Even so, the actress isn’t afraid to talk about the effort she puts into her own image and there are some good tips there. She’s talked about her own love of makeup, and how she came to realize she couldn’t do close to as good a job as the pros. She’s talked about how she deals with dry skin and hair, and what some of her must-have beauty items are. It’s the kind of beauty advice we always want from celebrities, and to get it from someone so thoroughly grounded in realistic image concerns is a treat.

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