Friday, May 26, 2017

Makeup Minute: Tarte Kiss & Blush Palette and Double Ended lip & cheek Brush

   I know my last Makeup Minute was also for Tarte but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. Like always I was on the Sephora app and saw the Tarte Kiss and Blush palette and Double ended Cheek and Lip brush and immediately had to get them.

   First of all I'm a sucker for great packaging and Tarte seems to be getting it right for the entire Rainforest of the Sea collection. The shades of purple and blue along with gold is perfect! The color scheme and design is reminiscent of a tropical getaway.

   The palette is made up of  five beautiful colors made to be used as a cream blush and doubles as lipsticks. There is definitely a color to compliment any skin tone. To bring it all together is a gorgeous cream highlight right in the middle.

   To apply it perfectly is the gorgeous double ended brush made to go perfectly with the palette.

   I feel like these are must haves for the summer months.

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