Sunday, May 7, 2017

My First Yoga Experiance

   I just tried yoga for the first time. I’ve talked about it for the longest and just never got around to it. Well my job offers it twice a week and it’s literally a 3 second walk from my desk so I had no reason not to do it.

    First I just want to give props to everyone out there that does yoga on a regular basis.

   What I was expecting was a nice quiet atmosphere with a lot of relaxation techniques and meditation. Well I was partially right. However, nowhere in my mind was I ready for what I got.

   The work that goes into contorting your body into those poses and the dedication to hold each pose for a period of time was werk!! My body was sore the whole time but in a good way.

   I seriously had to focus to keep my balance and ignore the sweat and pain. I pushed myself at times when I wanted to give up and just lay on my mat but my mind would not let me do it!

   The instructor was kind and took her time with each of us. Her encouragement was very much needed! 

   I went into class not having the best day. I felt kind of down and really just wanted to be anywhere but at work. Yoga class was at noon and a let me tell you, when I came out of that class I was not the same person that went in.

   Even now two days later parts of my body are still sore but it doesn’t hurt. I feel muscles ache that I honestly don’t think I use on a regular basis.

   Some of the benefits of yoga are it tones your body and strengthens your muscles, increases flexibility, it boosts your endurance and a ton of other things including improved mental health. I took a way some things from this class that will be helpful just getting through every day life but one thing is balance. The same balance it took to get through that class is the same balance I need in my day to day life. I feel like balance is the key to many things/ 

cute yoga pants
Nothing wrong with hella cute yoga pants

I highly recommend trying a yoga class if you haven’t already. If you have let me know your favorite poses down in the comments.  

Photo credit: Photo via VisualHunt

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