Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Origins My Perfect World Event with Influenster #MyPerfectWorld

   Alright so I got invited to the My Perfect world event at Origins from Influenster. Now if you don't know who or what Influenster is it's an awesome program where you can get free beauty products to review. They go by how big your social network is and that determines what they send you and how often they send you things. So I was really excited to get a box of samples of Origins products from Influenster along with that box of goodies I received an invite to go to the Origins store. There were five events in 25 cities. The event was the launch of some of their new products and to learn more about Origins.

    I'll be completely honest, I have heard of Origins but I had never used their products so I was super thrilled to receive the invite. Here where I live in Tampa the event was held at International mall. It's the beautiful mall with a lot of high end stores so is the perfect place to hold an event like this.

   The store is really cute. It's small and quaint. Their products are made out of natural ingredients so none of it's going to be bad for your skin.
At the event there were three stations set up. One for mini facials, an artist doing charcoal caricatures and a tea leaf reader. You could just show up or to get a facial you had to RSVP. I was kinda bummed when I got there because even though I rsvp'd and I had a ticket on my phone my name wasn't on the list. So that sucked but they said they would do their best to squeeze me in for a mini-facial.

   I decided to pass on the facial and sign up for the Tea Leaf reader. While I was waiting for her I looked around the store and grabbed some goodies. An added benefit of being with Influenster was they gave you 20% off your purchase and if you spent $45 you got some free items.

Free gift with $45 purchase

   I picked up the clear Improvement active charcoal mask. It's to help clear your pores and it's awesome for oily skin. If you've been a reader of mine for any time now you’ll know I have super oily skin. I also purchased the Original skin Retexturizing mask with rose clay. The other thing I purchased is Zero Oil Purifying toner with saw palmetto and mint. It's a toner for combination to oily skin that smells amazing!

   Since it has been a few weeks since the event I’ve had time to use each product a few times. I love using natural products! I really like everything I purchased. My skin looks refreshed, is super soft and feels clean. The Retexturizing mask has small Jojoba beads in it that’s gentle enough to exfoliate a few times a week.

   Overall the My Perfect World event was pretty nice and I had a good time. The tea leaf reader was very cool and gave me some pretty good insight and advice.
I made a video a while back titled “Get unready with me” and people really liked it. Since then I have changed up my skin care routine so I may make an updated one.

If you’d like to sign up for Influenster you can check them out here.

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