Monday, November 27, 2017

Early Lessons in Fashion

   I learned the importance of clothes quickly as a teenager. When I was a kid my mom picked out all of my clothes. I would grumble under my breath because I would prefer something else but didn't want to come across ungrateful. Being raised by a single mom meant all of my clothes came from the thrift store... ya know before the thrift store became cool to shop at. Every time we went shopping I'd hope it would be to one of the cool stores in the mall or a department store. Nope, it was always Value Village or some other place full of someone else's memories. This went on until middle school. 

   The summer before high school I was given money to buy my own clothes at the stores of my choice. I don't remember how much it was. I think it was $100.

   That is when I also learned $100 doesn't get you much at the mall. It can get you damn near a whole new wardrobe at the thrift store but NOT the mall. I didn't care thou. I carefully picked out a few outfits spending my money strategically. I was careful to spend my money on key pieces that could be mixed and matched like jeans and t-shirts. 

   I didn't come out with much but what I did buy I felt good about. I remember even sneaking in a cute white crop top that zipped up the front. I made sure to keep a jacket with me at all times to cover my stomach. 

   The weeks leading up to the start of school I was so damn nervous I felt sick to my stomach. "Are people going to like me?", "Did I buy the right outfits?". Basically all the important things a 15 year old girl worries about. The first day of high school came, I put on a cute pair of jeans, the white crop top I had no business buying and some cute sandals. My confidence was soaring. I was a freshman and I looked fresh. You couldn't tell me anything! I loved the feeling so much, when I got my first job you better believe I spent a good amount of money on my clothes. 

    Did I need the clothes to define who I was? Not at all but it helped give me the confidence boost I needed to feel more comfortable in a new setting with new people. I knew early on to take care of my appearance. It is true "You only get one chance to make a first impression". 

    Still, to this day I know I have to dress according to what my mood is or how I want to feel. If I'm feeling sick baggy sweats and holey ass t-shirts it is. Am I feeling sexy? Lace and something black always! Clothes are not a guarantee you will be liked. You definitely have to have a good attitude and a personality to match. However, there is nothing wrong with looking good because, in turn, it will make you feel good too. 

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