Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday Motivation: Finding the Romance in Possibilities and What Ifs

   Oftentimes possibilities, what ifs and the unknown can be so romantic. I don't mean the nerve-wracking stress-induced what ifs. I mean the kind of what ifs that gives you butterflies and goosebumps. The kind of what-ifs and possibilities that keep you up late at night tossing, turning and dreaming before you even fall asleep. The kind that make you smile to yourself. Those are the kind of possibilities that I like. The kind of possibilities that just make you wonder how much better life could be. What if I get that new job I want? What if the cute guy at the coffee shop likes me back? When we start each day on a positive note and wonder about the endless possibilities of life; things can change drastically. If we would just push the negative thoughts out and replace them with positive life-changing thoughts our whole entire outlook on life will change.

   Anytime I start a new Journey or plan a new adventure for my life I always fantasize about all the things that could happen. Not the bad things but the good things. The good thoughts are what makes everything worthwhile. Thinking about the good things is what keeps the fear away.

   Romance is so much more than a significant other. Romance can be the way you think and feel about life and about the future. It's even how you think about the present. When I think about traveling to Italy and staying in a villa and traveling along cobblestone streets it's romantic! It's like having a love affair with myself. You know when you find a job that you really want? It's the job of your dreams and it's the pay that you want and the pay that you deserve?! It's in a part of town that you're crazy about and it's close to home and there's just so many amazing people there!? There's so many possibilities it gives you butterflies! You know the prospect of a new job gives you the same feeling as a prospect of a new lover? When I'm getting ready to go somewhere and I'm going to fly across the country the night before I can't sleep because I'm tossing and turning, my mind is racing, and my stomach is full of butterflies. I get so excited! That's finding romance and possibilities. What if I have so much fun when I get to my destination?! What if I see so many things and what if I meet so many people??

   Romance is what you make it. There are so many Endless Possibilities.  If we can just stop thinking about the negative things that hold us back and way us down. If we can stop thinking about the things that make our head hurt and stomach ache and keep us up at night and anxious for all the wrong reasons. I don't know about you but I'm so tired of negativity I want nothing but positive amazing thoughts that just make my soul sing. I want to find the romance and possibilities and what ifs of life. Now and always.

Here’s to what if!

Photo credit: Jonas Weckschmied on Visual Hunt / CC BY

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