Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review: Esqido Mink Lashes

   I remember when I was first introduced to false lashes. It was the makeup application semester of beauty school. We learned how to apply strip and single lashes. Let me tell you I hated it! Only because it wasn’t something that a lot of people requested at the time so I didn’t get the practice I needed to become an expert at false lashes.

   Fast forward to now when hair is a thing of the past for me and makeup is my main passion. I now love a great pair of lashes! They can be the perfect finishing touch to a makeup look. I’ve always had a few brands of lashes that I really liked but I’m open to trying something new. So, I was excited but skeptical when Esqido reached out to me to try their mink lashes.

Variety of choices
   When I first went to the website I was impressed with the wide variety of Esqido Mink lashes. It took me quite some time to decide which ones I wanted. They are all so pretty but I usually go for a specific type of lash. I love one that starts out tapered at the inner corner and flares out toward the outer eye. So of course, I had to go with Lash Named Desire.

Not sure where to start
   If you’re still new to apply lashes or just have trouble choosing one that looks best on your eye shape they have a lash guide on the website. It’s really easy to follow and leads you to the best lashes for your personal style. I tried it out just to see where it would lead me, and it recommended Lash Named Desire after I had already chosen it. PERFECT!

Don't forget the glue
   Once you’ve chosen your lashes don’t check out without grabbing your companion eyelash glue! It is latex free, so it doesn’t have that awful smell to it most lash glues have. It dries clear and has the perfect fine tip want which makes for a perfect application every time. A pet peeve of mine is when the glue comes rushing out of the tube and gets all over the place!

Pretty packaging
   My lashes and glue showed up so fast! I’m pretty sure it took about two days to get to me. When I opened the package I couldn’t get over the packaging. I am a sucker for pretty packaging! Everything was white and rose gold. Esqido had me at rose gold!! The box the lashes came in was hard and sturdy! No way are they going to get crushed but if you’re like me and want to keep the box it will get dirty being with the rest of your makeup.

Easy to apply
   I waited until the perfect time to try out the lashes. Date night!!! I did a pretty neutral makeup look so my eyes could be the main focus. I first applied a couple of coats of mascara so you could get a before and after or should I say a with and without. The first thing I noticed about the mink lashes was how soft they are! The band is very stiff but not overly stiff. I personally like a stiff band because I find it easy to work with and most times I don’t need tweezers to apply the lashes. The Esqido lashes are honest the easiest lashes I have ever applied! The Lash Named Desire gave just the right amount of glam and drama.

   Overall, I really love these lashes! They’re pretty, easy to apply and were comfortable to wear. The companion lash glue didn’t have any harsh odor, dries clear and the applicator was perfect.

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Until next time!

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