Friday, May 11, 2018

Review: Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade

   It’s been no secret over the years that I have been a huge fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow pomade. I have raved over it like you would not believe! While I do possess a lot of brand loyalty for ABH (they have never let me down) and do still really like the Dip Brow pomade I’ve discovered something even better by a brand that I feel I have talked about even more than ABH! Kat Von D beauty has released a full line of brow products and the makeup community is shook to say the least! Picture this… a brow pomade that is smudge proof, sweat proof annnnnnd WATERPROOF!!!! That’s what you get with Kat Von D’s Super Brow pomade

   You may now applaud! I couldn’t believe it myself when I first heard about it and much like everyone else I set a reminder on my phone for its launch day, so I could hurry and get my hot little hands on it!

   Why is this such a big deal to me? Well I’ve gone through life with hardly any brow hair and let’s face it,
brows frame the face! So, I’ve tried for years to rectify this problem of mine. I’ve even gone as far as getting my brows tattooed on and that was a complete and total nightmare!! 

   So, when something like Super Brow comes along its MAJOR!! 

   I may have to make a YouTube video to show exactly how amazing it is, so you can see it in action. I use the color Walnut because it’s natural and looks great on me but there are other colors that are really fun and vibrant. 

The pomade is really creamy and dries pretty fast but not too fast to where you can’t work with it. Once it’s dry… it’s dry and there to stay! Another great thing about it is I have super oily skin. Where most products rub off once I start getting oily this has minimum to no movement at all! Hell yeah!! 

   Bottom line is if you are an eyebrow fanatic like me you will definitely love the Super Brow pomade from Kat von D. If you’re not well then share the love and get it for someone who is! 

Here’s to long lasting brows,

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