Thursday, June 14, 2018

Making Money with Poshmark

   There seems to be an app for everything these days and I love it! Most recently I’ve started using Poshmark. They’ve been around for a while, but I never personally felt the need for it until now. 

   I was going on vacation and was going through my closet trying to figure out what to pack. I had so many clothes (some of which still had the tags on them) it was becoming overwhelming trying to go through everything.

   I’m the type that likes to get rid of things every few months or so but as I’m looking at my closet and realizing “Hey, there’s some pretty nice things in here!”.
I mean come on am I really ever going to wear that rose gold mermaid gown again?! I wore it for my Christmas party last year and can’t imagine being seen in it twice. I thought about trying to sell them but how?! 

   I have friends that have mentioned different apps that help you sell your new or slightly used items. This is perfect! Not only can I make some extra cash for my vacation, but I can also make room in my closet (for more things).

   The only question was “Which app do I use?”. I did some research and downloaded 2 on my phone to test them out. Poshmark and Mercari. 

   I immediately loved Poshmark and disliked Mercari for one main reason! There are two totally different types of communities on each app.

   While Poshmark charges more per sale… 20% and Mercari only 10% I found the community on Poshmark to be a lot more welcoming and active/supportive. People began to follow me before I could even post anything which to me means they are more active and really about building a community and ummm hello they’re about making money. 

   On Mercari it took a while for me to get any likes and very little followers. When someone did reach out on Mercari they only wanted to offer me a fraction of what I was charging for an item and were quick to let me know they were going to look for my item elsewhere for less. Uh ok, do you boo. 

   On Poshmark they know a good deal and don’t try to low ball you. I mean after all at the end of the day it’s about making money for the seller and getting a good quality product for the buyer. 

A few other things I like about PoshmarkThey have virtual parties with themes like dresses, shoes or a particular brand like Anastasia Beverly Hills which makes it easier for people to see your items. It also narrows down a search if someone is looking for a particular item. 

   Also, once someone buys your item the shipping is paid and all you have to do print the label, attach it to the package and drop it off at the post office. The buyer has four days to “accept” the package and then you get paid. If they do not accept the package for whatever reason during those four days Poshmark will release your funds. Which you can then use to buy other items on the app or have it deposited into your bank account.  

   I definitely recommend you give Poshmark a chance if you’re interested in selling anything. It’s like a stress-free virtual yard sale. 

   Oh, and by the way… I did sell that rose gold mermaid gown. 

Happy selling,

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