Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Becoming my own friend and Happy New Year

   2018 was a huge year for self-discovery and taking risks. Let’s take a look back, shall we? I used to be the type of person that wouldn’t go anywhere alone. I don’t mean I was always afraid I mean I would go to the grocery store alone, the mall, etc. I mean like major events. I got tired of missing out on things because I had no one to go with. Earlier this year Marlon Wayans was stopping in Tampa on his tour. I couldn’t find anyone to go with, but I have had a crush on him since I was a kid! I was not about to miss out! So, I got myself a VIP ticket, sat my happy ass in the front row, laughed until my sides hurt then met him after the show and got the hug of a lifetime! Now, what if I had gone with someone else and they didn’t want to pay for the ticket I got or didn’t want to stay after to meet him??? I would have missed out. 

   Fast forward a few months. I was going on a girl’s trip with my best friends. Two days before I had to leave I started having a really bad feeling about getting on my flight. I love to fly!! Never had a problem before but something was holding me back. So instead I drove 9 hours to meet them! Yes! Against what everyone says about women on the road alone, I took a road trip by myself and I felt so empowered!

   Those are just a couple of the things I did this year to reconnect with myself. Along with that I’ve ended relationships, started new ones, taken risks in my clothing line and so much more. The point is, I bet on myself and I won every time. We have to take risks to see any type of reward. We have to believe in ourselves and know that we can have the type of lives we want to live. 

   I’ve been seeing a lot of memes and people on social media saying 2018 was a horrible year and they’re ready for it to be over. If 2018 taught me anything it was this… through the good and the bad, no matter who or what we believe in… whether it be God, the universe or a guardian angel, they’ve never let us down and they’ve been with us this far. We just have to keep going, live life, and take that step even when we don’t see the staircase (MLK’S words, not mine J.   

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