How I Am Transitioning from Black to Grey Hair | Premature Grey Hair (video)

   One of the absolute hardest things to do is deal with getting older. I mean, some people grow old gracefully while others have to be dragged into old age kicking and screaming!! One of the traits of aging is grey hair! But what happens when you’re still young, I mean really young and due to genetics, you end up greying prematurely! Gasp!! 

   Well that’s what I’ve had to deal with for a really long time and I’m tired of it. I give in. Call it quits! Breaking up with hair dye! I made a whole video about my relationship with grey hair and how we’re getting closer. You might even say we’re pretty serious. Check out the video, I tell you all about how my grey hair is hiding in plain sight while I let it grow out and I transition my natural hair from black to grey! 


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