Surviving 2019 | Life, Cancer, Losing Friends and Breakups (Video)

   2019 was insane... to say the least! When I say it tried to take me out literally I am SO serious! I wanted to talk a little about it. I actually love to talk more than ever. I find that a lot of people right now are hurting. Hurting from experiences, people, and just life. I want people to not feel alone. So I did what I know how to do, my makeup. I did makeup and talked about some of my experiences of 2019 and I give some insight into why I think things work out the way they do. Half way though the video my lighting got darker and the video quality just got bad out of no where. I tried for 2 days staying up until 2:30am the first night trying to fix it but for whatever reason the footage is fine until I upload it to YouTube. Either way, I didn't want to get discouraged and not post it because it may just help someone. Please share the video, it would mean a lot to me.



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