About Me

   Hey! I’m Samantha/Jade and I’m glad you decided to learn a little about me and why I started this blog My Legendary Style.

   I think it is very important for women to look and feel their best. I want to help make that happen. I cover a lot of topics to help achieve your beauty goals i.e. fashion, makeup looks and application, hair and skin care, fitness and every day life topics like relationships and self-love. I’ll share my favorite products but if I come across something that made me have a bad experience I’ll tell you about that too. If I made a mistake buying something I want to keep you from making the same mistake.

   I started my blog because most of my life I had low self-esteem and was bullied as a child. It took a long time for me to be comfortable in my own skin. Now I want to help other young girls and women feel good about themselves.

   I graduated beauty school and became a licensed cosmetologist in Phoenix, AZ in 2004. Not a lot has changed in the beauty industry since then. Trends get forgotten about and recycled and come back with a different name. However, I still like to stay up to date with the latest industry tips and tricks as well as think out side the box.

   Most days I do not leave the house without my makeup on. I get stopped a lot by women that want to know what products I use and how I achieved my look. What better way to share with everyone than a blog? I’m currently getting my courage up to make YouTube videos.

   Over the years I’ve constantly tried new looks and have reinvented myself. When I get bored I go on to something different. It’s fun and life is short. Try it all! I get inspired by stimulating images on Instagram and Pinterest but also just by looking at an amazing makeup palette. I shied away from color for a really long time now the brighter the better.  

   Outside of makeup and beauty I’m also an independent fashion designer. My biggest accomplishment to date is showing my line in Tucson Fashion Week. My clothing line was originally named Legendary Style I went on later to change it to Lady Minor.

    I never want to see a woman who thinks she can’t do something. If I have it my way I’ll be helping women all over the world with their fashion and beauty dilemmas forever.

Facts about me…
   I live in Florida. I’m a wife. I have 7 children (yes they are all mine). I love wine, coffee, bacon, Reese’s cups, blow pops, the beach (hence why I live in Florida), all kinds of music, tattoos, The Avengers and reading for hours. If I could do anyone’s make up and see anyone wear my designs it would be Rihanna. I don’t have a middle name. It’s just the letter J. When I was a teenager I changed the J to Jade. I used to model and began going by Jade. I'm also a Younique presenter but I don't shove it down your throat :) 

   If you made it to the end thanks for reading. I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you. Feel free to contact me for requests or questions. 

P.S. I also have a "Mommy" blog where I share my parenting and marriage experiences with you as well as a few DIYs from time to time. Check it out at Legendary Mama.

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